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Job Posting - Office Administrator

The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation is current looking for a Office Administrator. 

Closing date: October 26th, 2018

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Allows the donor’s charitable giving to have the greatest impact. The income of this fund is provided to not-for-profit organizations in fields of interest at the discretion of the directors. The major portion of our endowment is held in this fund.





There are seven established Fields of Interest:


  • community

  • cultural

  • education

  • social and family

  • sports and recreation

  • youth

  • health


    In addition, special named funds have been established with the income from these funds allocated to organizations providing services in the following areas:


  • sports and recreation

  • special needs

  • education (Houston)





    The income from these funds is directed to specific charitable organizations named when the fund is established. While they can be initiated by individuals, designated funds are often started by a designated agency to flow to the charity.


    Administration Endowment Fund – was established by Gordon and Betty Williams Sr. to provide some funds to pay for some of the operating expenses of the Foundation.


    Affordable Recreation Endowment Fund – was established by the Affordable Recreation Committee to provide funds to low income individuals or families to enable them to participate in recreational opportunities.


    McEwen Endowment Fund – was established by long time Smithers resident Robert McEwen. The proceeds from this fund are to subsidize the use of the Bulkley Valley Regional Pool facilities for the development and education of persons who are mentally or physically disadvantaged.


    Morice Skills Endowment Fund – when the Morice Community Skills Centre was closed the available funds were divided between Northwest Community College and the Bulkley Valley Community Foundation. Proceeds from this fund are to be distributed for the purpose of providing educational equipment and learning resources in the Houston Area.


    Nick Van Arem Award for Courage, Spirit and Determination – was established by the Van Arem Family in honour of their son Nick who passes away when he was fourteen. The purpose of the fund is to support students with physical and/or emotional challenges with preference given to a student enrolled in wood shop, theatre-tech, drafting or band.


    Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation Bursary/Scholarship Fund – this fund was established by the Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation to award bursaries or scholarships to students continuing their studies in a field related to forestry or environmental studies or who have exhibited a strong sense of leadership and community mindedness.

Donor Advised Fund

These funds are established with purposes corresponding to the donor's broad charitable aims. The donor may provide recommendations to the Foundation as to which charitable organizations they wish to see benefit from their fund's income.

Memorial and Endowments

The Foundation may be named or selected as a charity of choice in memory of a family member or friend.

Scholarships and Bursary Funds

A scholarship or bursary fund may be established with income directed to students attending educational institutions of a selected area of interest, if so desired by the donor.

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The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation strives to improve quality of life in our communities by awarding local organizations grants.




The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation allocates its revenue generated on the endowment funds to grants annually.




We'd like to thank you for your generous donations and support because with out your contribution our community would not be the same.




We provide community leadership and offer citizens of the Bulkley Valley the opportunity to invest in the betterment of their communities.